WE ARE ROXARD and manufacturing every type of single - double - twin disc cutter / roller cutter, cutting knife, scraper, ripper, chisel and their supports for every brand of TBM.

We know very well most important instruments for TBMs are they and have to be manufactured with the best quality, this is why we are always successful.

Single Disc Cutter Turkey

Disc Cutter / Roller Cutter

Single Disc Cutter, Double Disc Cutter, Center Disc Cutter, Twin Disc Cutter, Monoblock Disc Cutter, Cutter Ring HD

Soft Ground Parts with Tungsten Carbide

Cutting Knife, Scraper, Ripper, Chisel, Center Nose

TBM Brush Set

Wire Brushes

Timken Bearing

Spare Parts / Bearings

Original Timken Bearings

Spare Parts / Seal Kits

Original Fedaral Mogul - Goetze

Anti Wear Parts

Tungsten Carbide Coating - Wear Plates

Our main factory is in Ankara / TURKEY with 5000 m2 closed, 2500 m2 open area. We are manufacturing all kind of cutter head instruments in our facility with last technology machining centers. Our capacity is 700 pcs disc cutter & over 1500 pcs soft ground parts & their supports.

We are able to refurbish & overhaul all kind of TBMs with max. 10m outer diameter. In our technical team we have high experienced tunnel engineers, technicians and operators. With this advantage, we are also able to offer for TBM running. For more information about our references and our team details, please call us..

In our Turkey, Middle East and Europe facilities we can refurbish disc cutters to save customer’s money. We can also offer for just spare parts such as bearings, seal sets, o-rings etc

We as Roxard Industries A.S.

determine 3 steps to be a good solution partner for customers and do everything healthy & easier..


Roxard needs all information about machine, geology & rock types to serve with the right material and heat treatment process.

Technical Approval

Roxard offers it’s products with an approval by customers and than starts to production.


Roxard prepares all kind of quality control reports & material certificates before delivery for customers.